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AGM and Seminar - An Integrative Approach to Health

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

8 -9 June 2019

2019 Bi- Annual BFSA, AGM Seminar Approaching Fast!

June 8th & 9th will see BFSA hosting our much anticipated AGM/ Bi- annual Seminar. We are very excited to present you with a snap shot of what to expect… This year’s seminar is geared toward providing attendees with Bio-/Neurofeedback assessment and training approaches to the integral components of health. We are super proud to have some of our very own, presenting their stimulating findings in the field of Bio-/Neurofeedback as well as the valued contributions of our guest speakers! Some of which include:

  • Dr Coenie Hattingh

  • Dr Hein Badenhorst

  • Irene Masters

  • Dr Willie Visser

  • Various BFSA Clinicians

Some of the topics to be presented and discussed consist of:

  • Brain Anatomy and Pathology

  • Overview of the fundamentals of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

  • Understanding the origin and dynamics of the EEG signal

  • QEEG introduction –Understanding the metrics and QEEG Phenotypes and functional correlates

  • Cognitive Health- An Integrative Approach

  • Clinical/Therapeutic applications of Bio/Neurofeedback research and case studies.

This very informative, not to be missed event will take place in Midrand Conference Centre; space is limited so please secure your booking as early as possible by registering and email POP to

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