Life remains for those under the burden of trauma only a quest for survival - until someone throws them a lifeline of the possibility of quieting the fear and consequently improved self-regulation through neurofeedback.

See chapter 11 in the second edition of Neurofeedback-The Non-Invasive Alternative.



14 MAY 2022

Below is the link to the youtube video on the 4 hr presentation on Developmental Trauma, the Aftermath, and the Neuroscience. The True Pandemic. In this presentation, I highlight how the neglect, abandonment, and abuse from our histories, affect our lives on different levels, including relationships. I take you through the latest neuroscience findings and we discuss known and new interventions.


Please share this link with those you know or suspect are burdened by the aftermath of their histories of adverse events and also burdened by a collection of diagnoses that don’t factor in the origin of the symptoms and the discomfort born in trauma.



Helena Bester

Helena Bester is the author of four best selling, authoritative books on ADHD and learning problems: Help my kind makeer iets, Help, my child is causing chaos, How to cope with ADHD and New hope for ADHD in children and adults. Helena offers neurofeedback as the main intervention in her private practice since 2005 where she works with children and adults. She follows a holistic approach and believes that It is love alone that gives worth to all things.” – Teresa van Ávila

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