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An Excerpt from “Neurofeedback- The Non-Invasive Alternative. 2nd Edition, Bester,2020)

“’A good deal of what we see as mental illness or as behavioral disorder has its roots in the density of developmental trauma”’,) Fisher,2014). The challenge to the therapist is to pick up on the underlying fear through the layers of diagnoses and treatments with which the trauma victims mostly show up with on the doorstep of the neurotherapist to try yet another approach to rid themselves of the shackles from the aftermath of trauma. Mostly they do not show up with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Developmental trauma and they are not aware that the reason for their hyper-aroused nervous system is rooted in trauma or neglect. They do not understand the concept of an over-aroused or unstable central nervous system that keeps them alert to any possible threat either- until they do! When the underlying fear is explained in terms of neuroscience and arousal, there is relief.

Entwined in the fabric of the shroud of trauma with the threads of fear, shame and guilt, there is often the thread of abuse. The Developmental trauma victim often engages in abusive relationships or in codependent relationships. Their lack of self-worth and desperate need for recognition, acceptance, approval, and validation, often lead to bad choices pertaining to partners. Once in the spiral of abuse it is difficult to find a way out- especially when you are mostly functioning in survival mode from a state of fear as trauma victims do. Neurofeedback practitioners often witness how, when the higher cortical areas are accessed due to the calming of the fear circuitry, the trainee no longer desperately clings to the boat of a dysfunctional relationship. The trauma survivors begin to make sound and rational choices once fear is no longer the driving force.”

The book from which the above excerpt was taken is available from and from BMedPress Publishers at

The first edition is available from the BFSA website: and from Mitzi Claassen. You can contact Luzanne at 0118889334 or

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