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As if all is well….Look at the elephants.

As you probably know by now, I love the natural world and seek refuge, solace or just inner calmness and peace in the wilderness at every opportunity. It is not only the elephants that offer this unfailingly or even the natural world; it is what happens when we connect with our essence. For you that deep feeling of connectedness may arise when you are walking bare feet on the beach sand with the sound of the ocean filtering out the inner chatter. Perhaps you find that inner quiet landscape while you meditate or perhaps when you abandon yourself in music or in gardening. The reality of the restrictions that have changed our outer landscapes are necessary for now. Our minds however need not be inhibited by those restrictions. There is beauty and peace in a Frangipani flower, in a raindrop, in the images in your mind of the peaceful and timeless gait of the elephants and everywhere you look with the intent of finding beauty and with the attitude of being peace. Your soul needs this. Take the time and nourish your soul. We have more of that resource available now that the world has been so desperately yearning for: time. Use it wisely.

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