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Become quiet and experience the gifts

When are we truly alive? Not when we are imprisoned by memories of our past or when we are scrambling around in our minds trying to solve anticipated problems. Only when we are mindfully present in the moment, we experience the gifts of life.

To those of us who have over- active fear detection and alarm systems in our brains- those in the aftermath of traumatic histories- it is a real challenge to settle contently into the moment. There are reminders of the gifts of life all around us- those reminders are in simplicity and in beauty. When we manage to open our hearts, the special gifts find us. It is important that we honor ourselves enough to find a daily practice that is calming to allow our bodies and our minds to access the gifts around us. For some that practice will be in prayer or meditation, for others it would be an early morning walk. Some find or yoga or listening to beautiful music to be a peaceful and healing experience.

The onslaught of the current wave of the virus that is washing through the population that we are a part of, is terrifying- especially to those of us with the hyped-up fear-circuitries in our brains. The gifts of nature and of activities that bring a sense of being nurtured remain available. And remember that breathing in deeply and slowly and exhaling slowly and for a second or two longer than the inhale, calms the central nervous system.

To start your day with a simple Qigong 20 -minute routine of breathing and stretching is a practice that will serve your physical and mental health equally. There are literally thousands of you tube video videos to guide you. A good place to start for beginners could be at the below video:

….because you are worth it

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